Hot & Spicy Sausage Hors D’Oeuvres

For this one, you’ll only need three ingredients and it’s guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser!

  • 3 – pounds of fresh Italian sausage links
  • 1 – 10 ounce jar of grape jelly
  • 2 – 10 ounce bottles of chili sauce
Traditional family pork recipe seasoned with fresh blend of natural ingredients.
  • Broil the sausages for about eight to ten minutes over medium heat, turning once only, and remove them just before they are done.
  • Cut the sausages into one-fourth to one-half inch bite-sized pieces.
  • Mix the jar of grape jelly and the two bottles of chili sauce in a two quart sauce pan and bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat to low and add the sausage to the grape jelly and chili sauce mixture and let simmer for about fifteen minutes.
  • Serve this wonderful creation in a crock-pot or other warming container and have toothpicks available for convenience.

Serves A lot! (20 For Sure.)