Mild Italian
This is the original sausage that our company was founded on. The first Italian sausage in the nation allowed to claim “All Natural” and a Cantella Family recipe dating back several generations, these sausages are made from fresh pork and seasoned with our own blend of natural spices.
Hot Italian
Just like our Mild Italian Sausage these premium quality sausage is “All Natural” and made with fresh pork and a slightly hotter blend of all natural spices and a touch of garlic. It’s the only way to spice up an Italian meal.
Pork Chorizo
Made from fresh pork shoulder (NO by-products are EVER added) combined with our own blend of traditional Chorizo seasonings and finished off with just a touch of pimiento peppers. Flavorful & versatile, this sausage is great for use in your favorite Mexican dishes such as eggs, tacos, burritos and topping off nachos.
Pork Sausage
Bursting with traditional breakfast sausage flavors – this sausage blends a bold sage breakfast seasoning with fresh pork and is perfect for any breakfast entrée (weekend omelet, anyone?) or side dish (when’s the last time you made your own sausage patties?). The entire family will beg for more.