Mild Italian
The original sausage on which our company was founded…only a cooked version. The first Italian sausage in the nation allowed to claim “All Natural” and a Cantella Family recipe dating back several generations, these sausages are made from fresh pork and seasoned with our own blend of natural spices.

Roasted Chicken with Peppers & Onions
A fabulous sausage with all the makings of the traditional Sausage & Peppers dish all rolled into one, “Poultry Style!” This zesty sausage made from fresh chicken combined with a blend of Italian style spices, fresh red & green bell peppers and fresh onions, is guaranteed to become one of your longtime favorites! Serve on a roll for a delicious sandwich, or add to your favorite pasta dishes for that extra special flavor!

Smoked Chicken Andouille
These flavorful “Louisiana Brand” sausages are reminiscent of those made by the butchers of New Orleans, with one twist, we use chicken instead of pork. These sausages can be added to spice up your favorite Cajun or Creole dishes, or any other number of entrees – including soups, pastas, sandwiches or even eggs.

Chicken Apple
We’ve taken tender chicken and added apples and fruit juices to create this sweet fasting & versatile sausage. Forget the others; this is the “ONE” you’ll search out over and over again!
Smoked Chicken & Turkey Pesto
Awesome is the only word for this smoked chicken & turkey sausage made with a special blend of Italian spices, fresh basil, imported aged Romano cheese, real walnuts, and pure olive oil. What a combination! Use in your favorite pasta dishes, soups, or salads. You’ll run – not walk – back to the store for more!
A German favorite, these mild flavored white sausages are made from fresh veal & pork, carefully combined with fresh milk, eggs & onions and a delicate blend of spices. Serve these sausages on a crispy roll with some of your favorite mustard and a side of potato salad for a meal that is great anytime…day or night!
Smoked Linguicia
These tasty authentic Portuguese style sausages are made from fresh pork and a perfect combination of hand blended spices, fresh garlic and aged red wine vinegar. A must at every BBQ (as a main dish or an appetizer!) these sausages are outstanding with eggs, on a sandwich or combined with your favorite pasta dish. Enjoy!!!
Beef Hot Links
Oh yeah! There’s nothing like a good Hot Link when you’re looking for some heat! These spicy beef sausages are heavily seasoned and then smoked to perfection, creating a flavor packed punch that you will never forget. BBQ, broil or pan fry these links and make yourself a flavorful sandwich or serve up a spicy entrée.
Louisiana Brand Pork Andouille
These traditional “Louisiana Style” sausages are made from pork with a texture and flavor reminiscent of the sausages made by the Creole butchers of New Orleans. Traditionally used to flavor gumbo or jambalaya, these spicy smoked sausages are also the perfect ingredient for any of your favorite Creole or Cajun recipes. Enjoy!!!
Smoked Santa Fe Turkey w/ Jalapenos & Jack Cheese
Blazin’ hot! Buckle down and fasten your seatbelt for this luscious turkey combined with jack cheese and fresh jalapeno peppers. It’s great on the grill, or to really add zing to your favorite Southwestern dish! If you love zest & spice, this is the one for you! Simply heat, eat and enjoy!!
Old Fashioned Natural Casing Beef Hot Dogs
Undeniably the most popular and famous of American sausages! These premium quality links are made from beef & a custom blend of spices and then stuffed into natural casings. The great taste, juicy flavor and old fashioned “snap” of these fabulous Hot Dogs are guaranteed to make these the only ones for you!
Old Fashioned Natural Casing Turkey Hot Dogs
America’s favorite has gone to the birds! Using only the highest quality & freshest turkey combined with our old fashioned seasoning, we have created some of the finest Hot Dogs around! With every bite you will experience the juicy texture and rich flavor that is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and put a smile on your face.
Smoked Turkey Maple Breakfast Sausage
Remember when you used to dip your sausage into the syrup of your pancake breakfast and how good it was? Well, we’ve taken these classic flavors and combined them for you in this tasty & lean sausage made with fresh turkey, a special blend of spices and pure maple syrup. This hearty but sweet flavored sausage is guaranteed to bring back memories and tantalize your taste buds.
Chicken & Turkey w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes, Black Olives & Feta Cheese
A gourmet lover’s delight with a Grecian flair! Succulent chicken & turkey is perfectly combined with sun dried tomatoes, black olives & feta cheese. One bite is guaranteed to tickle even the most discriminating taste buds.