Mild Italian
This is the original sausage on which our company was founded. The first Italian sausage in the nation allowed to claim “All Natural” and a Cantella Family recipe dating back several generations, these sausages are made from fresh pork and seasoned with our own blend of natural spices.
Hot Italian
Just like our Mild Italian Sausage these premium quality links are “All Natural” and are made with fresh pork and a slightly hotter blend of all natural spices and a touch of garlic. It’s the only way to spice up an Italian meal.
Chicken Italian
This poultry version of our traditional Italian sausage is made from fresh chicken and its own unique spice blend. This sausage is much leaner than the pork version but still has great flavor and is the perfect alternative when looking for something a bit healthier.
Hot Chicken Italian
A spicy Creole style sausage made from fresh chicken. A one of a kind, this lean sausage has some serious kick to add to your favorite Creole dish or spicy sandwich.
A fresh pork sausage chopped to perfection and combined with our house blend of German style seasoning. The perfect sausages for every BBQ…just place on your favorite roll with some mustard & grilled onions for a great tasting sandwich.
Beer Bratwurst
Made from fresh pork, this OctoberFest favorite is seasoned with a variety of spices including ginger, nutmeg, coriander and mustard – and highlighted with an infusion of DBA (Double Barrel Ale) beer from our friends at Firestone Walker Brewing Company.
English Style Bangers
This popular English style sausage is made from fresh pork, 10% rusk and our special Piccadilly seasoning. Traditionalists will use dish for these sausages is “Bangers & Mash” (it’s hard to beat Bangers & Mash!), but wait until you try them for breakfast!
Breakfast Links
Bursting with traditional breakfast sausage flavors – these fresh pork links use breakfast seasoning highlighted by sage and are sure to wake anyone up from a deep weekend sleep-in and satisfy the entire family.
Chicken Apple
Sometimes, fresh is better.  Our most popular poultry sausage flavor now comes to life in a fresh, all natural sausage offering.  We start with tender chicken and add apples & fruit juices to create this sweet tasting & versatile link. Forget the others; this is the one the entire family will search out over and over again.